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Go Green - Case Study - Allisons Riverside Teas, Kingston

business goes green from the start

Allisons Riverside Teas is a recently opened tea shop in Kingston. From the outset owners Phillipa and Sarah Allison decided to include green initiatives in the business. While recycling at home, mum and daughter wished to do the same in the work environment and felt it important to let her customers know about their ethical viewpoint.

Since opening in July a number of green plans have been introduced, including recycling and energy and water efficiency measures. Allisons is a member of Kingston First and paper, glass and plastic bottles are recycled for it by local firm First Mile. Three different bins are clearly labelled in the kitchen area and behind the counter. A separate collection system for food waste also operates.

Take-away drink and food are available from the shop and Biopac sustainable packaging has been bought for cups, containers and cutlery. All these are easily compostable. Movement sensor lights have been installed in the toilet areas and with a well-insulated building the heating has not needed to be turned on yet (in November). Tap sensors have been installed to limit water supply.

Sarah was pleased to work with a Go Green Plus adviser who helped her get in touch with a number of local suppliers and provided additional information. “I would recommend other businesses use Go Green Plus as the advisers have more access to information and more ideas to consider,” said Sarah. “Go Green Plus pointed us in the right direction.”

The recycling scheme was explained to staff both at the recruitment stage and as part of their training. “Most of the staff are young and are used to recycling,” added Sarah. Looking ahead to the future Sarah is not stopping there and is likely to monitor different appliances in the shop so she is aware of how much energy is being used.

Visit Allisons at 56 High Street, Kingston - www.allisons.co.uk


Go Green Plus is run by MCC Business Solutions and a partnership of six South London local authorities – Kingston, Lambeth, Merton, Richmond, Sutton and Wandsworth. The wide-ranging support programme is open to small and medium sized businesses (1-250 employees) and offers 12 hours of free advice and support to encourage businesses to take action on waste and energy, water and/or CO2 reduction by reducing, reusing and recycling. Go Green Plus is part funded by the European Regional Development Fund.