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Go Green - Case Study - Eden Caterers, Lambeth


Already providing 15 years of sustainable catering and delivery across London, Eden Caterers are pushing themselves still further to improve their green/environmental credentials.

Whilst catering for a B2B sustainable event in Hatfields, a talk by Go Green Plus Project Manager Helen Clark Bell inspired Nick Mead to arrange a free audit from Go Green Plus.

Arriving at their premises, the Go Green Plus Adviser was impressed with Eden Caterers who have their environmental policy boldly on display in the office, compostable trays used to serve the food, “green” cleaners contracted for the office and a comprehensive recycling service.

During the audit the Go Green Plus Adviser mentioned a number of areas that the business could improve further on. Quick off the mark Managing Director Hugh Walker was already putting the no cost suggestions into action, even before the adviser had finished, by organizing the removal of unnecessary fluorescent tubes in the office area.

“On returning with a formalised report I was encouraged to find that Eden were keen enough to have already implemented many of the low cost measures suggested for their site including push button lighting, in walk through areas” said Lee Sexton Go Green Plus Adviser.
Following on from the audit the Go Green Plus Adviser organised an assessment for the installation of solar panels, advised on the use of green energy and provided hippos and advice on no cost measures to reduce water use. Eden is also now trialling the use of LEDs in their toilets and boardroom as well as consulting their electrician on daylight sensors in the relevant corridors.  Furthermore, Go Green Plus arranged for Eden to draw up a formalised travel plan which will give them access to funding to encourage sustainable transport to work.

This service is available free to businesses within South West London (subject to certain criteria) and is part funded by the European Regional Development Fund in partnership with 6 local authorities, including Lambeth.

Visit www.eden-caters.co.uk

For further information please contact southlondon.biz on 020 8947 0055 or email [email protected]