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Prontaprint Barking

One of the latest organisations to benefit from our Greening Business programme is Prontaprint Barking. Prontaprint is a family-run printing service, covering every aspect of design and print.

Prontaprint approached Greening Business because they were about to move premises and wanted to make sure that their new business unit was set up and managed in an environmentally friendly way.

The Greening Business Adviser carried out an assessment of Prontaprint’s premises and identified several issues specific to the printing business which would make the business more sustainable. In addition, the Adviser carried out a review of the building site of the new premises to make sure that environmental improvements could be planned at an early stage.

Firstly, she suggested a better way of securing hazardous waste – all the printer ink etc. The waste had previously just been left outside, but the Adviser recommended that it be clearly labelled and locked in a cabinet before it was collected. Paper waste was already minimised and embedded in staff culture, but the Adviser supported the business to do the same with its packaging. It now offers an ECO range using less packaging as well as recycled paper.

Changes relevant to other types of business were also implemented, for example, replacing the water cooler with its disposable plastic containers and cups with a plumbed-in system of filtered water to the tap. The use of LED lighting and presence detectors was also recommended and subsequently implemented in the toilets and corridors, along with other energy-saving devices to minimise electricity, heating and water waste.

The Adviser then helped Prontaprint develop an Environmental Policy, which would demonstrate their environmental commitment to their staff, customers, suppliers and sub-contractors. It is hoped that this commitment will encourage others to follow Prontaprint’s good environmental example, as well as increasing the number of their customers.

 Sominder Panesar, Director of Prontaprint Barking, said of Greening Business:
“Sustainability is a core value in my business style and Prontaprint Barking has embedded energy efficiency and environmental protection into the organizational culture. I believe that, even if you are already environmentally aware, receiving support from a qualified adviser can always lead to further improvement. Our participation in the Greening Business programme has led to a reduction in energy costs and by recycling our waste paper we are awarded financially for the waste paper off-cuts. We have invested in eco-solvent machines which use non-aggressive solvents and do not spread any harmful VOCs in the working environment as well as being friendly to the external environment.”

Love & Dye Hair, Raynes Park (Merton)

Love & Dye Hair at 187 Worple Road, Raynes Park, opened in April 2013 and provides yoga classes as well as hairdressing. The owners, Piotr Rozanski and Bruce Cox, were keen to run their business sustainably from the start, so got in touch with the Greening Business Programme at Merton Chamber of Commerce to see how it could help. Love & Dye were already using eco-friendly cleaning products, recycling, using water-saving shower heads and latex gloves made from natural rubber – but wanted to do more!

Now, through participating in Greening Business, Love & Dye are expected to save £986 pa by switching to a ‘green’ energy supplier and £35.88 pa by switching their waste service. These changes will also save a huge 10,441kg of CO2 pa. Piotr was also keen to get support developing an Environmental Policy. This is now proudly displayed in the shop window and will hopefully encourage new business.
Support from the Greening Business Advisor also included researching whether a small solar panel would be suitable, if the shop was using the most energy-efficient lighting, and whether a canopy might be a better solution than air-conditioning.

Piotr Rozanski said of Greening Business:"The Advisor was extremely helpful and to the point, so meeting with her was a good use of time. I think the Greening Business programme is fantastic because not only is it making our planet greener but it is also making us happier.”

For more information on Love & Dye (and photos of their ‘green’ nature!) visit their Facebook page

The Forge Clinic, Richmond

The Forge Clinic in Red Lion Street, Richmond offers a range of treatments and therapies, helping patients to regain their happiness, health and positive attitude.

Since The Forge Clinic benefited from the Greening Business programme, it has moved from recycling no waste to recycling 95% of it, saving £400 a year in the process. Heating controls have also been changed, saving £250 a year, and a proper environmental policy has made sure all that all of the clinic’s providers are eco compliant. The clinic is also planning a lighting upgrade that will save £1,500 a year on electricity and the owners are looking in the long term to replace the boiler to save a further £1,000 a year.

Jerome Boisard, Co owner of The Forge Clinic, said, "As a small business I really appreciated the help Greening Business has offered me in terms of sustainability. It was all very straightforward starting with an assessment of the existing situation that led to a range of options covering energy use, lighting and waste. We are in the middle of the process but we can already see results. It has been very valuable and helped us take a step back to look ahead at solutions”.

“Most businesses are keen but haven’t got the time or resources. The Greening Business programme provides you with the free help of an expert to assess the options for your business and help you get the work done.”

After participating in the Greening Business Programme, The Forge Clinic won Richmond Council’s ‘Exceptional’ Go Green Award in December 2013. Visit www.theforgeclinic.com

Creovation, Wimbledon (Merton)

Creovation is a printing company based in Haydons Road, Wimbledon. A Greening Business Advisor visited them and found that the business was paying for a waste collection it never received, they had inefficient electric heaters (and the premises were still cold!), they had draughty doors and windows, and an expensive and unhelpful electricity supplier. Lighting was provided by inefficient old lighting tubes using far more electricity than newer versions.

The Greening Business Advisor drew up an Action Plan specifically tailored to Creovation’s needs and priorities. She recommended a more appropriate waste collector, including an inexpensive mixed recycling service, and suggested having more clearly marked bins for separating waste. She suggested that they start monitoring their energy consumption, so that any wastage could be detected and targets could be set for saving energy in specific areas. With this information and by looking at existing electricity bills, a cheaper supplier and better tariff could be found.

A lot of heat was being lost through draughty windows in the back office and in the toilets, so these were replaced with double glazing. Creovation undertook a full lighting survey and plan to replace their inefficient lighting with a low energy version – this could save 74% of their electricity bill and approx. £1500 per year. They also expect to save around £200 on waste disposal, not to mention the amount of waste stopped from going to landfill.

Longer-term solutions to improve the heating situation were also suggested – perhaps wall insulation or an air source heat pump. Creovation now have longer term plans to improve the premises further and become greener and more sustainable than their competitors.

Michael Woolsey, Director, said: “Thanks to the Greening Business Programme, we have identified numerous improvements that not only make us ‘greener’ but also have improved the workplace and best of all will save the company money. The Advisor was a wealth of knowledge, providing valuable advice and contacting suppliers on our behalf. Whilst we haven’t been able to implement every aspect of the programme thus far, we now have a long term plan for minimising our carbon footprint.”
For more information about Creovation, please visit: www.creovation.com

51 Kensington Court (Kensington & Chelsea)

51 Kensington Court is a Grade II listed apartment building in Kensington.

A Greening Business Advisor worked with 51 Kensington Court to save energy and water. Recommendations such as the installation of free water-saving devices from Thames Water and standby avoiders on TVs is expected to save the business £296 pa, producing 674kg less CO2 and saving 121.5 m3 of water.

Visit www.kensingtoncourt.co.uk


Delphis Eco (Wandsworth)

Delphis Eco is the UK’s leading British manufacturer of ecological cleaning products, based in Battersea. Delphis Eco was the first chemicals company to be awarded an EU Ecolabel for their products and are the only chemical supplier to supply 100% green products. They asked for support from the Greening Business Programme so that they could reduce their energy use, maximise their recycling, produce an environmental policy and improve their formal environmental accreditation to international standards.

A Greening Business Adviser worked with Delphis Eco to help them monitor their energy use. She then identified simple energy-saving improvements that Delphis Eco have implemented in response to the Greening Business Programme – such as reducing paper use through ‘No Printing Thursdays’, cleaning all light bulbs and lamp shades to maximise light output and establishing a ‘Switch Off’ policy for lights and office equipment. Lighting was also properly considered, with certain fluorescent tubes and spotlights being replaced with low energy alternatives.

Thermostatic radiator valves were then adjusted to maximise radiator efficiency and waste was minimised by removing individual waste paper bins, so that everyone now uses central recycling facilities. Water use was also not forgotten, with Delphis Eco installing ‘ecoBETAs’ in their toilets, to save up to 50% of water through flushing.

The Greening Business Adviser then supported Delphis Eco to write an environmental policy, now shared with all staff, customers and suppliers. She also helped them begin their accreditation in the formal international environmental management system, ISO14001. Gaining such accreditation will help the business demonstrate further its environmental commitment. As part of its new policy, Delphis Eco has switched its energy provider to Good Earth and is aiming to work only with suppliers who have achieved ISO14001.

Following participation in the Greening Business Programme, Delphis Eco won the Green Business Award in the Wandsworth Business Awards 2013.

Daniel Newton of Delphis Eco said of the Greening Business Programme, ‘The support and knowledge of the Greening Business Adviser has been amazing and really helped us move in the right direction towards obtaining ISO14001 accreditation. As a company, Delphis Eco have the environment at our core and we have always gone to great lengths to make all our business processes as ecologically beneficial as possible. The Adviser has been of huge benefit to us however as, due to the time consuming nature of obtaining accreditations, the work spent by the Adviser in pointing us in the right direction has allowed the individuals within Delphis Eco to continue their role in the everyday running of the business. I would recommend any company, whether just beginning to revolutionise their environmental policy or well on the way, to utilise the Greening Business Programme as I have no doubts that it will further improve their environmental credentials’.

To order products from Delphis Eco or to find out more, please visit: www.delphiseco.com

The Greening Business programme provides free advice and support to small and medium-sized businesses who want to save money or go green. It is part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) 2007-2013 and supported by the London boroughs of Merton, Wandsworth, Richmond, Kensington & Chelsea and Barking & Dagenham.

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