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Go Green - Case Study - Hotel Rafayel

£18,000 savings made through energy efficiency measures

Hotel Rafayel, eco-boutique hotel, Wandsworth

Hotel Rafayel is a 5 Star hotel based in Battersea with 65 rooms. The hotel was designed with an eco conscious approach and from the outset there was a no plastic policy, rooms had LED bulbs and low energy air conditioning and guests have the use of eco-shuttle buses to take them to nearby rail stations. Furnishings and beds are made from recycled and eco-friendly materials, the food and drinks are Fairtrade and organic and a purified water system has eliminated the need for plastic bottles.


Following an audit by a Go Green Plus adviser staff at the hotel continued to implement environmental initiatives, including improving energy efficiency and educating staff and guests on its green approach.

Additional LED bulbs were installed in the car park and basement area and 12 x 'E-cube' devices were fitted to reduce the energy consumption of refrigeration in the restaurant.  This generated additional annual savings of £18,302 on the electricity bill and almost 79 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

Hotel Rafayel holds regular training programmes for its staff to educate them on best sustainable practices, such as low consumption, using less detrimental chemicals and the no waste policy.

“Save energy, cut waste, save cost, cut carbon footprint is our mantra,” says owner Iqbal Latif. 

The waste on food items is very limited and in some cases next to none. “Food waste is limited by careful preparation of perishable items and planning on the day,” says Iqbal. “For example, if we anticipate a 100 people for breakfast, it is prepared first for 40, then 20 and so on. This gradual approach to cooking may take more man hours but it results in less wastage.”

Every guestroom is furnished with a small placard on eco-friendly no-waste practices (on linen and towels usage, low electricity and water consumption) so guests are educated on the hotel’s sustainable practices and how they could contribute.  “Through our policies we have been able to raise environmental awareness across a broad spectrum of people, including staff, guests and our neighbourhood.”

In 2011 Hotel Rafayel was awarded several green Business Awards from Wandsworth Council including; overall Green Business Champion 2011, winner of Best Environmental Innovation, runner-up in the Carbon Reduction Achievement and the Best Green Business category.

“In the last year, Rafayel has sustained its policies and continues to explore technology and systems that can be further incorporated to reduce our carbon footprint. We continue to identify modern cutting-edge innovative systems (like use of solar power) so we can make a bigger and better difference in our own way, and set an example to other businesses,” he adds.  

Go Green Plus is run by MCC Business Solutions and a partnership of six South London local authorities – Kingston, Lambeth, Merton, Richmond, Sutton and Wandsworth. The wide-ranging support programme is open to small and medium sized businesses (1-250 employees) and offers 12 hours of free advice and support to encourage businesses to take action on waste and energy, water and/or CO2 reduction by reducing, reusing and recycling. Go Green Plus is part funded by the European Regional Development Fund.