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Go Green - Case Study - One4One Dental Practice


At the precise time when Adrian Nalden, Manager of One4One Dental Practice, was looking to recycle the small amount of waste his company produced, he was coincidentally contacted by a Greening Business Officer from MCC Business Solutions. As a dental practice, based in Putney, they were already paying substantial fees for waste removal and processing. “It would add many hundreds of pounds to our annual cost were we to recycle, so we have focused our efforts on reducing waste.” said Adrian.

Adrian welcomed the opportunity to have an assessment carried out by the Greening Business Officer, which would result in an action plan, detailing the many ways in which a greener way of working could be implemented in his practice. “The whole Go Green service from southlondon.biz was really quick and I was given a very thorough explanation and list of areas to look at to improve our efforts.”

Since taking up the service, funded by the London Development Agency, One4One have made many changes and are reaping the benefits of the cost saving. Recycled products are now actively sought where possible. Energy and water waste has been cut and continues to be monitored from utility bills while they wait for a cost effective ‘green tariff’ to become available. The three full-time staff are also reminded to rinse equipment under a slow running tap rather than full-on prior to sterilisation, which has no effect on the efficacy of autoclaving. Water Hippos, which reduce the volume of water used per ‘flush’, have been placed in all the toilet cisterns and also given to all staff for home use!

“We have also adjusted our boiler settings, “ added Adrian, “so that the Central Heating control is set to 2/10 and the thermostats now work as they should – the offices are now really pleasant without jumping from hot to cold.” Energy saving bulbs have also replaced the tungsten bulbs in the reception uplighters, which still keeps the ambient light required for a reception area while saving energy and therefore money.

Like many businesses, saving money was a primary reason for One4One Dental to Go Green, but not just so for Adrian. “It just feels right to do something if you can, and even better if it yields no adverse effect on how one does things.”

Adrian has carried his green practices back home too – having built a compost heap at the back of his garden, he now has 4 households using it regularly.

“Using the Go Green service has been great for putting us on the right road and making us aware of things we can do and products and services that exist, all under the guidance of the Greening Business Officer.” said Adrian, “I would recommend any business to take up the service for both ethical reasons and cost benefits to the business.”

The service is available to businesses in the five London boroughs of Merton, Kingston, Sutton, Croydon and Wandsworth, focusing on businesses that have not sought support from publicly funded business agencies in the past. Businesses like One4One Dental Practice can apply for small grants to help them implement appropriate solutions.

For more information on the ‘Go Green’ programme please contact Helen Clark Bell at MCC Business Solutions on 0208 947 0055, email [email protected]