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Go Green - Case Study - Putney Wharf, Wandsworth

energy efficiency plans pay for themselves in weeks

Putney Wharf, Wandsworth

Putney Wharf comprises residential and commercial properties by the River Thames, including 210 apartments, 36 social housing units and 17 businesses. The sustainability programme is being driven by estate manager Richard Thomas who is concentrating on implementing energy efficiency initiatives across the estate.

Energy costs are a major investment on the estate, particularly as many areas need to be lit 24 hours a day. Up to 220 fluorescent lighting units have been replaced with LED tubes in the garage and 75 halogen replaced with LED spotlights in the reception area. These “paid for themselves” in six weeks, says Richard Thomas and are producing ongoing savings through less maintenance work. No tube or bulb has been replaced since January when they were implemented – before this at least one a week needed to be replaced.

Richard believes changing the lighting in the garage area will save £5-6,000 a year and further costs are reduced by 80-90% using low wattage built-in motion sensors. This new lighting will also save 32 tonnes of CO2 or 43,400kWh. He is looking to refurbish the energy hungry central heating system in the tower building on the estate and introduce monitoring in every apartment.

But the environmental measures don’t stop there. Residents receive regular updates on recycling and businesses are encouraged to do likewise. A scheme for collecting ink and copier cartridges from businesses has been set up and Richard is looking at a system to re-route water that is currently discharged into the Thames, into irrigation tanks to use on watering the garden areas.

Richard found advice from his Go Green Plus adviser invaluable, acting as a catalyst for introducing a number of sustainable plans across the estate. “She was absolutely superb with great knowledge of environmental issues and real commitment to the programme,” he says.

Go Green is supported by the London Development Agency and in partnership with five major London Boroughs covering the South and South West of London and can be contacted as follows
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